Fix my phone

Fix my phone

Fix my phone

Fix my phone? Do you need to Fix your phone, you’ve come right. Our technicians have several years of experience in mobile service. With us at Gigamex we can fix your phone while you wait. We know how frustrating it may be to have a broken smartphone, so we work fast and efficiently to make it so smooth and easy for you. We have a drop-in shop in subway Östermalm, drop-in shop in Bagarmossen. You can then submit it to store and the repair iphone quickly while you wait

Fix my phone? Yes Gigamex can!

With us at Gigamex, you get 90 days warranty on parts we replace, regardless of when repair. If your repaired device has problems due to the quality of parts we installed or repaired, we will prioritize the case and offer free troubleshooting.
Why fix phone at Gigamex? The customer and the quality of the most important aspects of our business here at Gigamex. With us, you always get the right help. This means you do not have to spend time in long phone queues or wait several hours to get your mail answered.

We can Fix your phone while you wait – Gigamex

Welcome to Gigamex when you want to make a glass change on your phone and fix it. We know there are many places to submit your phone on. Therefore, we are doing everything to ensure that you as a customer are satisfied with your repair with us. We have several drop-ins. Gigamex always has a good time to cook your phone in Stockholm and maintain high service with warranty.
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